Sunday, April 12, 2015

Headlight and a handlebar bag!

     Finding how to mount my headlight with a handlebar bag seemed to be quite the task. A few companies had some options that I wasn't really thrilled with. First I looked at the ortlieb accessory mount. At 38 dollars this option puts the headlight above the handlebar bag and probably works great. I however didn't want to spend the money on that if I could find a cheaper alternative. I searched Google for touring bike pictures to get an idea of what other tourers were doing. I kept seeing either no light or the Dynamo lights mounted on the fork crown. I really like the idea of a dynamo hub and some lights and maybe a USB port for charging, but now we're talking the big bucks for something I kinda already had. I lucked out looking at Dynamo light mounts I found Busch & Muller made one that might work and for six bucks it was worth a shot. All of this to say look at my pretty light it's mounted!

Get one of your own! 
Busch and Muller Fork Crown Mount for IXON Speed and other Bike Headlights
Lumia 700 on Busch & Muller fork crown mount.
     The Lumia's bracket needed to be turned around to allow the finger screw to be tightened. Thankfully, NiteRider saw that one coming and hid a little screw so you can use the mounting plate backwards.