Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hello and welcome!

     Hi my name is Rob, I am a newbie bicycle tourer. In the past year I started riding my bicycle to rehabilitate my ankle from a motorcycle versus deer accident (spoiler alert: the deer won ... for now). As I rode more I wanted to keep riding my bicycle and go further, I would wear a camelbak for hydration and one day I was sick of carrying it and as a photographer I wanted to carry my camera and other things. A search on google for bicycle racks lead me to the word pannier, hit google again, from that one word I found the world of touring. I knew it existed but had no idea how huge it was. I got a inexpensive rack and panniers and began to ride further taking only day trips. On every ride I would day dream about not coming home... camping and doing it all over again. Reading about other peoples journeys quickly became a pastime. I am obsessed! Soon I found forums videos and subreddits. I still cant read/think/eat/sleep enough about it!

My starter bike (the accessories probably cost more than the bike)

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